Magento Ebay Store Theme

Magento Ebay Store Theme is a certainly nimble layout integrated considering many functionaries & features for customers to sell multiple products, and to make your store stand out from the competition.


Magento Ebay Store Theme has the interface and some functionalities like the Giant Ebay. Customers will be impressed by your store at very first sight, which increases the credit of your company. Let’s now take consideration into the inner beauty of the template further.

Magento Theme Ebay Store is specially designed with two styles of the category page and two styles of the product details page. In addition, the ajax search module is free with the theme purchase.The highlight feature on the header is the central search bar with a half to type keywords and another half to select a category from a list box. A customer can also shop by category from the search box.

Magento Ebay Store Theme   Ebay Web Store Template Design (1)


  • Cmsmart AjaxCart
  • Cmsmart CustomAttribute
  • Cmsmart Facebook
  • Cmsmart Navigation
  • Cmsmart onestepcheckout
  • Cmsmart QuickView
  • Cmsmart Ajaxsearch
  • Cmsmart News
  • Cmsmart CloudZoom
  • Cmsmart Quantity
  • Cmsmart ThemeSetting
  • Cmsmart UltraSlideshow

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MORE DETAILS:  Magento Ebay Store Theme

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