Magento Theme Bookstore

Magento Bookstore Theme allows you to speedily setup your online bookstore and begin selling books online.The theme is sufficiently customization product, so its easy to change the look and setting as you manage fit.

banner-book store theme

You love to read books, and you have an online bookshop. Clearly, you will wish your book store to look like Amazon. You don’t have to go anywhere to find a theme which is similar to Amazon but still keep your copyright, avoiding trademark issues with Amazon. This Magento Theme Book Store is a perfect match to your choice. Of course, it can’t be complete with full of features and utilities like Amazon, its interface is quite a tiny copy.

Looking at the theme, you can firstly replace the logo with your own one at the left corner. At the top and right corner, set any ads banner and a promotional campaign you’ve prepared. At the center, you can put a search box to be the highlight of the theme, where customers type keywords to find products. In addition, it’s a recommendation for you to install our quick login extension to make the process for registration, login or create an account to be faster.

Magento Bookstore Theme (1)

Features of Magento Book store theme

Responsive Magento template for Magento 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 19.x

Advance Mega menu system with Mega menu extension.

Product comparison and Wishlist function

Product carousel

Book preview function

Product quick view function

Advanced product search module

Modal login feature

Advanced mini-cart module

Related products slider on product page.

Stylish currency and language selector dropdown modules

Search engine optimize design with the use of proper meta tag


  • Cmsmart Ajaxsearch
  • Cmsmart CloudZoom
  • Cmsmart CustomAttribute
  • Cmsmart FileAttributes
  • Cmsmart News
  • Cmsmart QuickView
  • Cmsmart ThemeSetting
  • Cmsmart UltraSlideshow
  • Cmsmart AjaxCart
  • Cmsmart Promotion

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MORE DETAILS:  Magento Bookstore Theme

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