Magento Metro Theme

If you are a merchandise, having a variety of products to sell, our metroshop will then be a greate place for you to start with. The theme is high fashioned, modern and intituve at even tiny points

banner-metroshop theme

Magento Metro Shop Theme being born; the theme with plain but creative design and gorgeous visual effects are completely tempting for shopaholic. A wide range of products has been reached easier than ever when they are displayed on Metro shop’s shelves…

The Metro shop theme for Magento ensures an efficient delivery of different ranges of product to customers by its tremendous capacity and advanced features saving space and time. A variety of display style or layout option is also a convincing point making your web’s store be more explosive. What’s more, stylish design with exclusive custom blocks gives you a full control of creating the web layout that suits your own taste. There are more nice features that you can enjoy while using our theme. Let’s try and see how the theme works, now!

Magento Metro Theme

MORE DETAILS: Magento Metro Theme

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