Magento Responsive Flower Theme

Flower shop Magento theme on the background of white, red, green is simple, easy flexible, beautiful flashy effects and built-in stylish menu system. The theme contains high quality photos, easy to use layouts and customizable artwork


Flower Magento theme shop is created for supplying flowers in special events like wedding, birthday, new office openings, or funerals. A variety of flowers with labels (or not) are shown with titles and prices. Furthermore, slideshow or banners for gifs, valentine day, mother day or special flowers delivery service, can be brought up on the main part of homepage or right next to the frontend flowers slideshow

Customers have two options: grid and list to show types of flowers to choose or compare with others. Sorting flowers by position, name, price and quantity is easy. Specials and ads are available to the main products. You can add your contact information, newsletter subscription and other information and customer services in the footer. In addition, this template has a blog to update news, flowers writings, or to introduce types of flowers, short stories or narratives

Magento Responsive Flower Theme (1)


  • Cmsmart AjaxCart
  • Cmsmart Ajaxsearch
  • Cmsmart Brands
  • Cmsmart CloudZoom
  • Cmsmart ColorProduct
  • Cmsmart Custom Attributes
  • Cmsmart Deliverydate
  • Cmsmart News
  • Cmsmart Quantity
  • Cmsmart Quicklogin
  • Cmsmart QuickView
  • Cmsmart Slideshow
  • Cmsmart Theme Setting
  • Cmsmart UltraSlideshow

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MORE DETAILS:  Magento Responsive Flower Theme

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